Pet projects

I’ve got some side projects I like to call ‘Pet projects’. These are small projects I decided to do for fun or to get around a certain problem I encountered.


Made when me and my girlfriend moved in together. We found there wasn’t any good information about leaving your parental home, so I made the remark “Let’s build a website for it!”. And I did. The site is well visited, although some of the traffic is going to some new compatitors now. The site is filled with information about finding a place to live, moving there, living there, and some checklists helping people prepare for this event you’ll always remember. If you know how to read Dutch: check it out at!


CSS Color quiz


Made in preparation of one of my favorite web conferences: CSS Day (2016). This is a quiz in which you can test your knowledge about the default CSS colors like ‘gray’, and ‘hotpink’. I’ve made it because I became fascinated obsessed with the CSS Color spec a while ago and it wouldn’t let me go :)

“Why didn’t the spec let you go?”, you say? Well, it’s because of the variety of weird and sometimes quirky names:

  • Why is there a ‘YellowGreen’, but also a ‘GreenYellow’ (and why aren’t they the same color?)
  • Why is ‘Darkgray’ a lighter shade of gray than ‘Gray’?
  • What is a ‘PeachPuff’?
  • Who is or was Alice in ‘AliceBlue’?
  • etc, etc.

It’s 10 questions, go test yourself here: