Pet projects

I’ve got some side projects I like to call ‘Pet projects’. These are small projects I decided to do for fun. I have a lot more of these projects but most of them are unfinished and I don’t dare to show them here yet :)


I’m in the process of putting up a Dutch website which is a glossary of climbing terms. A new design is being made at this moment, including some nice search features.


I’m increasing the numOfPetProjectsTomHas var with 1! I’ve seen a plotter somewhere and now I want to build one myself!

Made this after I quit my job at Indivirtual. It’s an online version of my curriculum vitae, and it’s designed for people who don’t know me to see my working experience, and to also see what I’m looking for in a new job. I had a lot of fun making all of the different styles used on this website, and even though I’m not a designer by profession I’ve come a long way if I say so myself! Visit it at

Made when me and my girlfriend moved in together. We found there wasn’t any good information about leaving your parental home, so I made the remark “Let’s build a website for it!”. And I did. The site is well visited, although some of the traffic is going to some new compatitors now. The site is filled with information about finding a place to live, moving there, living there, and some checklists helping people prepare for this event you’ll always remember. If you know how to read Dutch: check it out at!

CSS Color quiz

Made in preparation of one of my favorite web conferences: CSS Day (2016). This is a quiz in which you can test your knowledge about the default CSS colors like ‘gray’, and ‘hotpink’. I’ve made it because I became fascinated obsessed with the CSS Color spec a while ago and it wouldn’t let me go :)

“Why didn’t the spec let you go?”, you say? Well, it’s because of the variety of weird and sometimes quirky names:

  • Why is there a ‘YellowGreen’, but also a ‘GreenYellow’ (and why aren’t they the same color?)
  • Why is ‘Darkgray’ a lighter shade of gray than ‘Gray’?
  • What is a ‘PeachPuff’?
  • Who is or was Alice in ‘AliceBlue’?
  • etc, etc.

It’s 10 questions, go test yourself here: