I’m Tom Hartwig! I make websites on a daily basis and I really like to do so. I do this as a full-time front-end developer by day and freelance web designer by night.

I think the internet and it’s community is amazing and I build websites for it with <3. I can help you on all aspects of your website (the concept, front-end development, usability, A/B testing, webcare, and everything in between), but the front-end of a website is the place I fit best. Front-end development is my all-time favorite hobby, and I’ve made it my career at Indivirtual in Amsterdam.

By night and in the weekends I’m making websites for small businesses as a freelancer based in Haarlem.

“All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”, and I’ve got some ‘Pet projects‘ as well. At this moment I’m working on a two canvas-based games, and a Raspberry Pi domotica system for my home about which I blog too little.

Starting 2017 I’m also volunteer for Fronteers, the Dutch front-end development trade organisation. I’m part of the team that organised Fronteers Conference 2017 in the beautiful Tuschinki theatre in Amsterdam, featuring 16 wonderful speakers, one MC, and around 550 front-end enthousiasts who visit the conference.