Changing search button Google Custom Search

I’m styling a Custom Google Search widget on the website of a client, but bumped into a problem with the search button. There’s an image of a search glass, but that isn’t removeable.

I tried background-image: none, but it didn’t work. The problem here is that the button has this image included inside the element itself via the input type=image:

Google Custom Search Button Code

You could change the src value of this input element, but because CSS is faster I’ve looked for a way to do this without javascript. I’ve found that the best way to remove this image is to change the theme of your Custom Search Engine in the ‘Look and feel’ -> ‘Themes’ setting:

Google Custom Search Theme

I’ve chosen the ‘Classic’ theme, which was the most similar to the styling of the Google Custom Search I needed. Changing a theme renders different html, which is better stylable with css.

I’ve decided to blog this for people facing the same problem, hope this helped you!