Fronteers Conference 2018: my takeaways

Went to Fronteers Conference again! Here’s my notes / takeaways!

Switching jobs in May this year had an impact on my pet projects (and therefore also on my blog activities). The dust has settled a bit now, and I’m re-starting work on my Raspberry Pi Plotter! And, because of Fronteers Conference, also my blog has been revived. Welcome back if you’re familiar with my blog!

Fronteers Conference 2018

Fronteers offered me a ticket to Fronteers Conference 2018 because of my volunteering work last year. I happily accepted this offer and went to the conf (along with some of my new colleagues). For me this is also a nice opportunity to revive my blog, so here it is!

I didn’t continue being in the conference committee due to a lot of other stuff happening in my life. As of this moment I’m the newest member of the Fronteers Marketing Committee, so I can help the organization but also visit the conference. A win win situation!

Anyway, here’s the notes I made for myself!

Notes from day 1

  • Chrome Canary, Firefox Developer Edition, there’s also one for Safari! Safari Technology Preview.
  • Never hide the outline, I knew that. But as @lc512k puts it: it’s people’s cursor. Not sure if I make this clear enough to clients.
  • Nice rule of thumb: just looking at the page’s headings should make clear what a web page is about. Since screen reader users primarily navigate using headings this is a nice test.
  • Check out this video: Lessons learned in building
  • YouTube has a feature that can generate captions for your video’s. Check them though, as they’re not flawless.
  • Chris Gannon’s CodePen is a great resource of animation inspiration!
  • Are we focusing to much on ‘Developer Experience’ in stead of User Experience?
  • “It’s not about giving everybody the same experience, it’s about giving a ‘not shit’-experience to as many people as possible”.

Notes from day 2

  • ‘display: contents’ could remove semantic value, be warned! If it’s the only way: fix semantics with aria roles.
  • A media query for detecting ambient light level is a thing
  • The ‘Using media queries’ page on MDN is amazing!
  • Just write readable and maintainable code, let the JS engine worry about making it fast!
  • All ways of looping over arrays are equally fast in Chrome’s V8 Javascript engine.
  • In Javascript,, -0); results in false. There’s basically two versions of the number 0!
  • I should test my sites more on the 3G network setting.
  • WebNFC is a thing! New pet project?
  • Appearently a chicken fillet can have a heart rate of 119.
  • My job as a developer may have more ethical dilemma’s than I think, pay attention to it the next weeks!
  • Using CSS4’s variable fonts, a font-weight can be set from 1-999.
  • Variable fonts will save you a bit in downloaded filesize, although having way more options. This is because for non-variable font’s you usually load more types: e.g. oblique and regular.


That’s it! I still find value in my older ‘takeaway’ posts. If you don’t know about them; the most recent two are here: