GoPro Studio – shifted titles and music problem

I went to Indonesia and took my GoPro with me. It took me several days to edit the clips, and one day I noticed all the titles and sound I had carefully placed over the videos were out of sync.

Gopro Studio shifted titles and music

Because of the amount of video I came back with from Indonesia (~45GB) I had a fairly large GoPro Studio project file, that had a runtime of 20 minutes (aka loads of carefully places video clips, titles and music, starting at the right time). When I first noticed the titles and music had shifted I got confused: I knew for sure everything was correctly placed when I saved and closed the file the day before.

After it happening two more times I accidentally recorded the problem with my screen recoring software and found the reason why everything gets shifted: Exporting movies from GoPro Studio breaks your project file!

Here’s what I filmed:

I tried to replicate the problem and I could. It looks like I’ve found a bug! (A very annoying bug because your whole project is off and needs to be synced again :-/)

Conclusion: exporting a movie from a GoPro Studio project file seems to break the project file. All music and titles are shifted forwards.
Not only that, but it looks like the titles and music are shifted exponentially: the first titles in my project were a second off, the last title was more then 8 seconds off!

Don’t save your GoPro project after exporting!

When you save a project, then export it to a movie, GoPro Studio will ask if you want to save the changes. I already thought this was weird: what changes? The only thing I did was export a movie! But still GoPro Studio will ask you to save it. And stupidly enough I did, not wanting to lose any unsaved changes, but in fact saving the broken project file. I would find out too late my project was broken, because exporting is usually the last thing I do before closing GoPro Studio.

GoPro doesn’t seem to react to my tweets, but I’ve got good experience with the GoPro customer support, and I’ll file a bug report so they can hopefully fix it.

I hope you can use my findings to your advantage! I’ll know for sure I won’t save my project again after exporting!