How to remove the Quickstores toolbar in Firefox

I discovered the ‘QuickStores Toolbar’ addon in my Firefox addons list. Don’t know how it got there, but more important: how do I get rid of it when there’s no ‘uninstall’ button?

I was optimizing my Firefox, because sometimes it freezes when I’m using the reponsive design view. I discovered a (deactivated) plugin called ‘Quickstores Toolbar’ in the addons list. I’ve never had a toolbar which I wasn’t aware of, felt a bit noobish that it got to install itself on my computer.

Quickstores toolbar firefox

I have no idea how I got it, maybe I missed a checkbox during the install of some free software.

Anyway: the annoying thing is that you can’t remove it from the ‘addons’ page in Firefox with the addon manager because there is no ‘uninstall’ button. Uninstall button or not: I don’t like shopping toolbars, so it’s time to remove it!

Removing the toolbar in 3 steps

1. Find the location of the plugin. It can depend from your setup, but the Firefox plugins folder is what you’re looking for. Mine is located here: C:\Program Files (x86)\Mozilla Firefox\extensions

2. There are a couple of folders, with weird names like {929ce4k7-7e08-4494-a285-5408518ce6kd}.
One name you’ll recognize immediately: “”.

remove the quickstores toolbar from firefox


3. Delete this folder (you’ll be asked to give administrator permission to do this), restart Firefox and voila, the quickstores toolbar addon is gone!