Sublime text 2/3: Remove syntaxes

I just love Sublime Text, but one thing I get annoyed with is the extreme load of syntaxes I don’t need. Time to remove those unwanted syntaxes!

As front-end developer I have no need for syntaxes like C#, Java or Python. But I see them when I want to save a new file from Sublime, or when I want to change the markup of a file (in the bottom right corner).

To remove an unwanted syntax from Sublime you can basically do two things:

  1. Disable them in the Sublime user settings file, or
  2. Remove the packages (because in fact that’s what they are).

I’ve never been a fan of just throwing away stuff, so I went for option 1:

1) Remove unwanted syntax from Sublime with user settings

Good thing I didn’t remove the syntaxes I didn’t think I needed, because I did. A week after I disabled a lot of packages a colleague asked me to add my HTML changes in some JSP files, a syntax I disabled.

Disabling syntaxes in Sublime Text 2 is easy. In the top menu go to ‘Preferences’, and select ‘Settings – User’. In the file that opens you’ll see some curly brackets with or without something inside them. All of the options are separated with a comma (exept for the last one), so be careful adding your changes.

Here’s my front-end developer ignored packages list:

		"Batch File",

Disabling Vintage Mode

One feature of Sublime Text annoyed me: the Vintage Mode. Pressing the ‘Esc’ key closes a lot of things in Sublime such as the search box. Accidentally pressing it twice activates the Vintage Mode, which looks a lot like you pressed the ‘Insert’ key. Very annoying. The last disabled package in the list above is the Vintage Mode.


2) Remove unwanted syntax from Sublime by deleting the packages

Removing packages is the easiest option. In the top menu go to ‘Preferences’, and select ‘Browse Packages’. Delete the folders you don’t like. Please don’t delete too much :)

Edit: Both ways also work in Sublime Text 3.